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Sun Fabric offers ready to print fabric media which can be utilized in wide variety of display advertising setups which includes in store branding, visual merchandising, conference setups, exhibition setups, OOH displays, event decorations, stall fabrications, window displays, signages, etc. Sun fabric’s products are indigenously manufactured by Candor Textiles, a global textile conglomerate having its weaving, processing and made-up-stitching mill in India. Our product is designed by our highly skilled team of professionals using the finest grade materials and latest technology in compliance with the international quality standards.

Our Purpose and Vision

Flex is very extensively used in numerous industries like commercial printing, hoardings, indoor branding, backlit displays, event backdrops, exhibition stalls, OOH, etc. As you may or may not know Flex is created using Polyvinyl chloride or more commonly known as PVC. According to published research paper known as “Chemical Flexi Not-So-Fantastic” PVC Flex poses a dire threat to our environment. Flex can neither be re-used nor is decomposable, the process manufacturing flex includes burning of synthetic polymers which release extremely hazardous pollutants that directly affect your health, and is proven to cause cancer and infertility. Burning of flex disperses sulfates and nitrates, which leads to the formation of thick blanket decreasing the supply of oxygen and sunlight in the area. Furthermore, for disposal purposes tonnes of flex waste is being filled in landfill, rivers, and oceans which is causing irreversible damage to our environment, flora, and fauna. Nonetheless, Due to cost-effectiveness and printing technology growth flex printing has become very popular worldwide and is proactively used in multiple industries.

Plastic Free and Sustainable Advertising Future

Sun Fabric Products

Sun Fabric’s products have unique features like elasticity which allows easy application on frames, it is water-resistant, crease-resistant, tear-resistant, which allows it to be very durable in outdoor conditions, and is 100% PVC free which makes a sustainable and environment-friendly. Sun Fabric’s printable fabrics are pre-treated with a special coating, after which it is dried, steamed, cleaned and finished at a quick pace through the digital printer. Apart from providing sustainable printing fabrics, Sun Fabric also fulfills all the duties as a responsible manufacturer of the 21st-century by providing employment, education, and food to villages in Madhya Pradesh.

Word from Director

With 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste disposed of every day; You may not recognize the damage this amount plastic waste causes to our immediate surroundings, but let me assure you multiple factors like growing population, new technology and ability to produce more plastic combined with the non-decomposable nature is a serious threat to our animal, plant and human life. No one is stranger to the danger Plastic pollution poses to our eco-system, one can find various scientific studies on the internet published by credible experts where they have identified multiple long-lasting ill-effects of plastic on flora and fauna. Better late than never, multiple Indian state governments have curbed the production and use of flex and many more are to follow. I believe, irrespective of PVC flex being banned or not, we as a conscience community should understand the extent of the damage plastic is causing to the environment and consequently should aspire and encourage everyone to have a plastic-free environment.

Therefore, by offering eco-friendly sustainable printing media that adheres to the Global Standards I envisage to have a plastic-free signage industry. I have come across numerous flex manufacturing and digital printing units, which either due to lack of knowledge or by ignorance propagate that flex is not harmful to the environment and also claim that there is no ideal replacement to flex. Therefore, with the brand Sun Fabric, I intend to clear this uncertainty and want to make the people and the government recognize that a better solution exists. Sun Fabric team invests a lot of time and resources towards creating more cost-effective and eco-friendly signage fabrics, currently, we offer 9 variants, where each variant has different features and uses. Very soon we'll also be introducing an eco-friendly fabric replacement for vinyl printing, which is much more durable, scratch-resistant, heat resistant, suitable to create a wide variety of internal and external visual displays.

Mr. Deepak Girotra

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