Polyester Banner and Hoardings


The recent development in the Advertisement Sector is large scale digital printing on fabric. It enables digital print businesses to fulfill requirements for high-quality advertisements for both indoor and outdoor displays.

Its quick sampling and short-term delivery also enable the client to take disruptive advertising ideas to the market. Designs can be adapted digitally on the spot with digital printing. This creates a competitive edge over digital printing businesses still using traditional Flex materials.

Sun Fabric is a manufacturer and supplier of fabric specially designed for Digital Printing. This fabric is specially designed to support all kind of print mechanisms like latex, UV, Solvent, and Eco-solvent.

Benefits of Using Fabric For Printing?

  • High resolution, fine patterns and unlimited color combinations.
  • Low initial costs as no screens have to be engraved for individual patterns.
  • A sustainable solution: Zero percent plastic, Eco-friendly with high savings on energy and water.
  • Unlimited repeat size as it is not limited to the circumference of the rotary screen.

This fabric is available in two key variants:


Made up pf 100% Polyester, this fabric is recyclable and is designed for long term durability. Comes recommended for both outdoor and indoor displays.


This option for can used in Outdoor & Indoor banners, exhibitions, displays, backdrops, murals, signage, hoarding, standees, Flags, Boards, Banners, hoardings, front and backlit banners and Wallpapers.


Available in pure cotton and hybrid variants which constitutes of Polyester and cotton. Recommended using for printing high-quality complex graphics for displays.


This option can be used for printing high-quality graphics, photograph reproduction, Fine Art, Painting, frames, and Wall décor.

Why Choose Fabric Over Flex or Vinyl?

This fabric is eco-friendly and does not contain any pollution-causing PVC or vinyl, which makes it the best alternative for businesses looking to replace pollution causing flex and vinyl.

Adapting fabric for digital printing might seem a costlier option compared to flex, However in the long run fabric is much more durable, recyclable, re-printable, environment-friendly and also capable of printing highly complex graphics with high-quality prints.

Both the materials are developed to be implemented with wide ranges of ink and various applications. Some of the key features include:

  • Untearable
  • Stretchable
  • Light-weight
  • No curled-up edges
  • Crack proof
  • Anti-crease

The rigidness, durability and recyclable use of the polyester fabric make it a very viable choice to get the best return on your investment. Polyester made banners are well suited for long term use; the ability to recycle it makes it apt for short term use. It is easy to ship, can be stocked for a long period of time and almost maintenance-free. Therefore, making it a perfect alternative for PVC flex and plastic-based materials.

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