National Green Tribunal Instructs Political Parties to Use Eco-Friendly Flex Alternatives for OOH Advertising in Upcoming Elections


Political campaigning may have to raise their allocation for OOH ad spending by 10-15%, owing to the NGT (National Green Tribunal) NGT has told the Indian Election Commission that it will ensure that the political parties use only environmentally friendly content for any OOH used during the campaign.

With election polls close at hand, beginning with Jharkhand in November-December, followed by Delhi. Political parties that plan to use OOH and flex banners are reluctant to move to eco-friendly materials as the prices are higher and budgets are limited.

The NGT notice have asked the political parties not to use content such as PVC flex for outdoor advertising campaigns or campaigning activities, due to which political parties are now looking to switch from PVC Flex to eco-friendly alternatives like paper and outdoor advertising fabric which are much more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

A SDMC official claims that the only drawback for using eco-friendly alternatives is its price, which are a bit higher than other traditional materials like flex, but also said that this transition to eco-friendly materials is vital and people should overlook the price quotient and accept the change for a better future.

At present, even though the OOH sector is transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives for flex, but it will not be a simple transformation to use alternative material for the same thing. Industry experts like Pawan Bansal, COO, Jagran Engage claims it shifting to alternative flex materials will be challenging for the campaigning industry to reduce PVC flex.

Another independent consultant for OOH advertising said “We all know how harmful PVC flex printing is for the environment, it’s best that everyone switches to eco-friendly options, irrespective of the cost as it is need of the hour.”


To support NGT’s move to curb plastic flex, Sun Fabric is providing an eco-friendly alternative for flex and various print materials which are 100% PVC free. Sun Fabric products are developed using polyester and cotton materials, which are tested and certified as 100% PVC free. We manufacture our products in Madhya Pradesh India, supporting the make in India movement and providing employment to villagers and neighboring rural areas.

Sun Fabric Eco-friendly flex printing alternatives have lot of advantages over the traditional flex material which make Sun Fabric ideal Eco-friendly alternative for all kinds of OOH and Indoor display advertising:

1. High Print Quality, no color fading.

2. Tear resistant,

3. Light weight,

4. Easy to install, stock,

5. Curl resistant,

6. Prints are crack free even after long term usage and,

7. Completely crease resistant.

To learn more about the material, variants and prices please get in touch using the Whatsapp button, or leave your information on the contact us page to request a call-back.

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