PP190 | Block Out Fabric (100% recyclable Polyester)

Greyback Blockout fabric canvas composed of 100% polyester blend.

A matt, block out canvas fabric composed of 100% polyester blend. The block out does not allows the light to pass through from behind the fabric.

Applications: Outdoor displays, Signage, Hoarding, Standees, Flags and Drop downs

• Ideal for block out applications

• Seamable

• Non-cracking

• No crease marks after folding

• High durability, scratch and water- resistant

Physical Specification

Weight 190 GSM
Thickness 0.20MM
Lighting Front Lit
Fabric Content 100% Polyester
Fabric Weave Plain
Tensile Strength Warp:1100N / Weft:850N
Width Available 100″,125″
Roll Length 55 MTS
Packaging Roll

Compatible Ink Types

compatible ink types

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